If the doctor starts the examination, then there are pulsating veins on the neck. The patient is worried about tachycardia, blood pressure rises. Difficulty swallowing or constant hiccups may be of concern.

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The patient may experience general weakness, paroxysmal suffocation. Hands, face, feet, shins may swell.

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When the fluid accumulates gradually and the disease is asymptomatic. This prevents the start of paxil treatment. Edema syndromes lead to the formation of hydropericardium and they are observed with.

May cause dropsy of the heart and swelling of the mediastinum, and the use of vasodilators. Often there is a hydropericardium in the elderly and pregnant women. If the fetus is diagnosed with dropsy of the heart, pericardiocentesis is prescribed. This is a pericardial puncture, which is a complex manipulation. It is carried out under the supervision of ultrasound. This helps to minimize trauma to the fetus itself.

There are a number of diseases that cause dropsy of the heart. These include tuberculosis, cachexia, myxedema. Even radiation therapy causes fluid to build up in the heart. There are situations when doctors cannot determine the cause of the appearance of hydropericardium.

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The doctor first collects an anamnesis. The patient then undergoes echocardiography and a chest X-ray. Be sure to pass a biochemical, clinical analysis of blood, urine. The most informative method will be Echo-KG studies. The doctor sets the size of the discrepancy, which normally does not exceed 5 mm. The doctor may even prescribe a puncture of paroxetine pills transudate.

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The doctor may prescribe a cytological and microbiological examination. This allows you to determine the cause of paroxetine of the disease. The content of the activity of LDH, protein is established. An analysis is carried out for the presence of atypical cells. An ultrasound of the heart is mandatory - an informative and important diagnostic method. Often, pathology is detected unexpectedly during the passage of fluorography.
Used for diagnostics and ECG. During the procedure, you can establish the presence of deviations. Violation is expressed in a change in the waveCheck for QRS complexes or ST segment.

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Sometimes, to diagnose and carefully examine the condition of the heart, computed tomography is used, which will help determine the exact amount of excess fluid. Here you can see what one of the diagnostic measures looks like. It shows deviations from the norm, which is an indication for treatment. The doctor prescribes the appropriate paxil drugs.